There are a lot of people out there that are just getting started with hiking. I should know because I was that person a few years back. There are many options with hiking that I have found are helpful to know about.

I was talking to my friend who owns Minnesota Tree Services, who does a lot of hiking. We agreed that he first thing you have to remember is to not go off of the beaten path if you are new to an area. Even people that are experienced can get hurt if they are not careful. The hiking areas in parks and all around the world are set up a certain way for a reason. You risk getting hurt and then not being able to get help if you don’t stick with the places that are meant for hiking.

Another problem you have to be prepared for is getting hurt. It is helpful if you have a phone on you that can be used to call for help if you need it. Also, you need to bring something for self defense if you’re planning to go to a place with wild animals or with other people. You can usually stay on track and avoid problems, but you never know when you may fall or have other issues that lead to you needing help fast.